Choosing The Best Photocopy Machine for Commercial Use

best photocopy machine for commercial use

Are you looking for the best photocopy machine for commercial use? You might have a small startup or be running a big conglomerate. But every size of business needs a few essential tools.

It could be simple tools and machines like a computer, AC, or a photocopier. These days, a photocopier is not just one to give copies of the original. Instead, it is a combination of a printer and a scanner beside the copies.


A Guide to Buy the Best Photocopy Machine for Commercial Use

The market also has the digital photocopier, A3 photocopiers, color, and network photocopiers. It only means you can get the one from these but may still have confusion as you are now spoilt for choice.

Let us help you pick the best one for your business.

Inkjet or Laser

Choose this option before opting for any. The companies look for the inkjet one if they are looking only for regular photocopying work. These may also be a great option if you are looking for a daily printout of documents and not necessarily high-volume or colored ones. These are smaller and portable and hence, take little space, preferably a corner in the tabletop.

On the other hand, the laser ones are good for businesses that need a huge turnout of prints or copies daily. They can even create high-volume copies at great speed. Therefore, big companies that rely on plenty of photocopies like real estate or designing and architecture firms can go for these. Remember the image quality will not be as good as the inkjet ones.

Ink vs. Toner Durability and Use 

Laser printers may look like an expensive option because they are costlier the first time. However, you will only save up money with long-lasting toner. The inkjet, on the other hand, will require a regular dose of ink from cartridges. You may have to go for a refill once in a while. The laser printers go for a powder toner.

Read the information guide of the photocopier and see how many pages it can give from one set of toner. Also, check whether you can go for other brands of toners during refill. It will be a crucial aspect to consider.

Home Use or SMB Needs 

As a new business, you may often plan to get the same photocopier you use for your home. These are small and can multitask just as you need at the moment. They are cost-efficient, and they may even not take up much space. However, remember that the homeowners may want to use the rich color printers and copiers.

It is not what a business would need. Your office may need to produce plenty of photocopies daily more than the printout. So, you will need more than these small versions. So, look for this aspect and then consider the investment. The home-use photocopiers and printers may cost just a few hundred while the office-use ones will be slightly more expensive.

Paper Loading Capacity 

One of the prime aspects to check in this case is the number of papers the tray can hold at a time. Businesses often print and photocopy on A3 or A4-sized papers. The A4 paper sizes are smaller than the A3 ones. Will your copier be able to hold the entire package of the ream of papers?

Speed of Photocopying 

How fast will you get the copies? If you need significant volume at rapid PPM or Print per minute, go for the brands that can deliver. Some models can give you many paper copies in a minute and without you spending many man-hours behind it. These low-speed ones can provide you with anything between 20 and 30 ppm speed, while the business versions may need anything till 60ppm.


How well do you expect the image photocopies to be clear? Do you have more than 8-bit color or b/w prints? An ideal office photocopier will have low-resolution copies, which means you are looking for a regular 2400x2400dpi. It means you can expect just a clear image but not a great one. It is a tricky option, so you will have to wait. Also, the monochrome printers are less expensive than the color photocopiers. In the case of these regular black and white models, you will need just a black ink cartridge. On the other hand, in the case of a color photocopier or printer, there will be a need for at least four of these colors- black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. It depends on your business needs and how often you need the copies.

Go for Regular Maintenance 

To ensure superior performance through the life of the photocopier, go for the branded ones from stores like YGC Office Systems. The Kuala Lumpur-based firm is a leading supplier of machines. They also offer post-sales maintenance 24/7, and that caters to all the business needs at all times. This is also a factor to consider before shopping for the best photocopy machine for commercial use.

The company’s reputation for their range of photocopiers from top brands makes it a reliable firm. Call our experts at YGC Office Systems to know about our best photocopy machine for commercial use.

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