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We are a top photocopier provider in Malaysia dealing with all kinds of photocopier solutions.

Providing All-Rounded Solutions

The team of YGC Office System is arguably the most successful photocopier in Malaysia. We have already worked with many famous brands of Malaysia and we have also encouraged many startups with our cost effective rental programs. Over the years, we have built a large inventory having all the famous photocopier machines of all the famous brands like Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Xerox, and Kyocera. YGC is a one-stop shop in Malaysia having all photocopier solutions.  

In the same manner, if there is a problem with your photocopy machine, our team has a detailed protocol with an extensive checklist to fetch out the exact problem and then our team gives you the earliest appointment to come and get your photocopier repaired.

Providing Photocopier Solutions
YGC in A Nutshell

YGC in a Nutshell

We cover almost every single aspect related to Photocopiers and their related solutions. Either you want to buy a photocopier in Malaysia or you want to make service of your photocopier, we are here to help you. We also provide the photocopier rental service all over Malaysia with several rental packages to choose from. Our technical staff is well trained and quickly finds the possible problems in your photocopiers and repairs them quickly.

Furthermore, we have all the spare parts of all the photocopy machines of all the famous brands. We also have an experienced customer support team that is not just good in communication but it is also well equipped with all the knowledge about photocopier solutions. Whenever you consult our support team about your specific business needs, they suggest a specific photocopier according to your needs and budget because every photocopier machine won’t work for every setup.


Photostat Machine Repair

We can repair any type of photocopier and repair or replace any kind of faulty material of any branded photocopier. We can repair the photostat machine treating the electronic problems, software problems, roller problems, ink cartridge problems or the drum problem. 

Photostat Machine Rental

We also provide the branded photocopier solutions at rent to give you the best cost effective solution for your business. We have several short term and long term rental plans to get the best photocopier on rent in Malaysia regardless sizes of your business.

Photocopier Sales

Our photocopier sales department is well equipped with plenty of experience. We have almost every famous photocopier for sale at a competitive price. Our photocopier sales team suggests you the best possible option to get the most out of your limited investment.

Photostat Machine Service

We also provide you the best photostat machine service plan to get the regular checkups and maintenance at your own premises. Our photostat machine service deals with all the inner/outer, electronic and parts repair or replacement if needed.

Trusted Photocopier Partners

Contact us with any photocopier-related queries and get a quick photocopier solution from the experts of the YGC Office System.

Why Choose Us

Best Suggestions

Best Suggestions

Our experts can suggest you the best photocopier machines and solutions with their expertise and experience of more than a decade.

Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround

We quickly fetch out the problem, discuss with the team, find a solution and quickly repair your photocopier as quickly as possible.

free consultation

24/7 Free Consultation

Either you are having a query or you have a problem in operating our photocopier machines, you can always get in touch with our support team.

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