Photostat Machine Rental

The YGC team provides the best photocopier rental service in Malaysia.

Photostat Machine for Rent

Photocopier rental model is very beneficial to make the businesses run smoother and expand quickly by using a photostat machine for rent. We are living in a fast paced growing environment where every business is growing rapidly. The Photostat machines have become essential for corporate business. Further, several new entrepreneurs want to build their startup with low initial investment, so we intend to help every single business in Malaysia by introducing one of the largest photostat machine rental plans that offers everyone to grow the business while having the most suitable photostat machine for rent. We have several photostat machines from all top brands including Ricoh, Konica Minolta, and Fuji Xerox.

Short-Term Photocopier Rental Contract

We provide you an option to get the photostat machine for rent on an ad-hoc basis. If somehow your photocopier is not working properly and you are facing a tight deadline. Don’t cancel the order. Quickly get in touch with the YGC team and send your machine for photostat repair and maintenance. Meanwhile, you can also get a substitute photostat machine for rent. We already have a large inventory and we can provide you the exact same model as a substitute on rent for a shorter timespan. Contact our support team and enquire now about our photostat machine rental service in Malaysia.   

photostat machine rental
Long term rental

Long-Term Photostat Machine for Rent

The YGC office system has always been working to support startups and businesses. We provide every single opportunity to make your photocopy process quick and efficient. If you are tight on budget and it is inevitable to have a photostat machine in your office, contact the YGC team and enquire about a possible long-term lease or any particular photostat machine for rent for the long term. We can provide your every kind of photocopy machine with the proper servicing and installment. Our long-term photostat machine rental plans are cost-effective plus we also provide regular maintenance and servicing option too in our long-term rental plan. Enquire now about your business and the specific photostat machine for rent.  

Our Photostat Machine Rental Plans

YGC offers multiple options to get the photostat machine for rent according to your own budget, preference, and needs. Seek advice from our team of experts.

Why Choose Us?


Affordable & Cost Effective Solution

YGC office system has a well repute of assisting businesses and encouraging the startups, so our photocopier rental plans are nothing but to provide an affordable and cost effective solution to the small businesses or fresh startups to save some bucks and spend the budget wisely on the most necessary things to flourish in this tough corporate world.

regular checkup

Regular Checkups & Scheduled Maintenance

We don’t only give you a photostat machine for rent like other casual photostat machine rental plans, but we give you a company asset on lease and we make sure that it may work properly for a long time. That’s why, our team makes regular visits, does regular checkups and then performs scheduled maintenance and service at your premises.

rental plan

Multiple Photostat Machine Rental Plans

We have multiple options and plans where you can get any photostat machine for rent on an ad-hoc basis, short term contract or long term contract. Every plan has its own benefits and we are glad to help every kind of business with such a versatile list of rental plans.

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