How To Maintain The Best Photostat Machine At The Office

best photostat machine

A day at the office would typically begin in the wee early hours of the day with the cleaner or janitor sprucing up the place. He or she would dust and mop the entire place. But does that include the appliances and electrical or electronic devices?

No, that would probably get a dusting if they are some gentle dusting to ensure no dust settles. Company ACs would get the best care any day. Businesses spend a lot of time in finding the best third party or same company cleaners for signing up the Annual Maintenance Contract. However, you will need to spend a similar amount of time maintaining the best photostat machine. 

What is the Need for Maintaining the Photocopier

A photocopier needs no introduction as being the most useful appliance for copying the original prints. These are not just humble copiers. These are multifunctioning tools and can do a host of functions like printing and scanning too. It makes it essential in every business, however big or small it may be. Now that you buy the best photostat machine, make sure to give it as much care.

It is not advisable to give it just a dry or wet cleaning daily without care. Instead, regular proper care will benefit you to keep the photocopier function well.

Photocopiers are available for a price, and so you cannot turn a blind eye to the repairs. Go for the AMC for these as well, and you will find the machine running for more days.


Maintenance Tips for Your Office Copier

Restarting Work on Copier 

These days, your office may be closed just like the rest of the businesses around the world. At this time, no one has used the copier. It means your machine might have gone to sleep or hibernation mode. So it is advisable for you to just go easy on the copier when you restart the business. Do not go for a huge load of printing or copying on the first hour of work. Give it a gentle load to help it warm up and settle down.

By doing this, you will be helping the machine to rev up after hibernation smoothly. It is at first better to go for a test copy as the machine goes to calibration mode.

Toner Care 

Many people make the mistake of using just any brand of toner for their copier. This is a wrong move since every brand of toner may be different in terms of texture and density. So, while you may want to refill it, be cautious of the toner shade and the exact model or brand. Also, the cartridge may vary from the ones existing in your default copier slot. Check the manual for this aspect. Also, do not attempt refilling when there is already some ink left in a toner cartridge. It affects the performance of the copier, and the experts would deter you from trying this move.

Paper Care 

Reckless or rough handling of the paper can damage the copier. Yes, the paper quality needs to be top class, and you should not just insert any brand or texture of the paper. While you check the tray’s capacity for inserting the papers, make sure never to fill it beyond the mark. While inserting the papers from a stack or a ream, try flipping it from one end. It will let the air loosen up each page and separate it from the next one.

Ensure the papers were in a dry place, and their thickness is just as much as the previous one. Any cheap thin paper will get in between the barrels and jam the copier. This can be a pain, especially when you have to print or copy several pages ahead of a presentation urgently.

Humidity can cause the pages to curl up or ripple and cause stretch along. When you use the letterhead papers or thick bonded paper, make sure to stack only a few of them in the tray. Do not keep the same number as you would in the case of the regular sheets.

Get Help for the Best Photostat Machine 

When you notice uneven darkness on the photocopies, react immediately. Several reasons could be at play here. It could be the dirt in the barrel or a need for the replacement of the toner. It may not be something you can or should do if you care for the machine. There are other issues like irregular lines on the copies or dots on the glass of the copier. You may try to do some TLC and fix this issue if it is just a minor one. However, we recommend you hire professionals.

Get in touch with companies like YGC Office Systems in Malaysia for their exemplary range of copiers. They offer high-quality and efficient maintenance services regularly. They have all the tools to fix all the problems to ensure the best photostat machine runs smoothly for a longer time. They have professionals to do on-site or off-site servicing for your copier needs.

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